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Waipunalei Coffee Farm

Since 2003, Waipunalei Farm has been producing exceptional Hawaiian Coffee from the beautiful Hamakua Coast of Hawaii Island Waipunalei Coffee's unique taste and quality has often been described as smooth, mellow, and chocolately. This is attributed to several factors: high altitude, rich volcanic soil, and an ideal climate that includes a canopy of clouds during the hottest times of the day & the right amount of rainfall throughout the growing cycle.


Waipunalei's Coffee Tips

CoffeeLove coffee? If so, read our favorite brewing tips and tricks guaranteed to keep your cup of coffee fresher and better tasting. Our suggestions are custom made for Waipunalei Coffee and are the result of years of working with fresh Hawaiian coffee. Read More...

100% Hawaiian Coffee

Asset1Our 100% Hawaiian Arabica Coffee is grown, handpicked, and roasted at Waipunalei Farm, on the lush Hamakua coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. We only select the choicest beans to be roasted to perfection, which creates a unique and distinctive flavor.

2400 Trees, 0 Pesticides


Starting with 100 trees and the desire to know everything about coffee, we planted healthy trees without the use of pesticides. We now have over 2,400 kona typica trees that receive individual care to ensure the production of excellent coffee.